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Categories and Types of Group

Groups can be set up as Open, Closed or Secret.

An Open Group is available for anyone to join without approval. The group will appear in the listing of groups.

A Closed Group has an approval process for membership. The group will appear in the listing of groups. Some group owners set up a closed group so that the group can remain focused on their purpose. For example, a member may create a group for people who live in a specific town or region and prefer to check this is the case before membership is approved.

A Secret Group can only be seen by members and can only be joined by invitation from the owner or other admin. A secret group may be created if there is a need to tightly manage the membership. For example, a business member may wish to create a group that is only accessible to their current clients.


Group categories

All groups are allocated to a category. As more groups are added, searching by category will help you find groups that interest you.

Categories include:

  • Broad topic groups
  • Location: Country
  • Location: State/Region
  • Independent Living
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting and Child Raising
  • Support / Pensions
  • Business Member Groups

More categories will be added as required.