Coming soon | My Disability Matters

Coming soon

We have plans for a number of new features, and improvements to current features, in the coming weeks and months.

These include:

  • introducting the facility to upload files to share with other members and within your groups
  • the ability to pin posts to top of a group activity stream (Now LIVE!)
  • the ability for admin to pin posts to the top of the community activity stream (now LIVE!)
  • improving the usability and accessibility for the date of birth field in the member profile (now LIVE!)
  • changing the profile settings page, so the business member fields will only be available for creation and editing for business members
  • the ability to search the activity stream
  • the ability to search for members by location or disability
  • limit chat and messages to friends only if you choose (now LIVE!)
  • email notification settings for groups (now LIVE!)


If you have some ideas of features you would like to see, please jump inside the MDM Club Ideas and Suggestions group and let us know.