December 2017: what is new? | My Disability Matters

December 2017: what is new?

As the MDM Club attracts new members and more people come along to meet new friends and chat, we have added some new features and some new requirements for members.


MDM Club: Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for being a member of the MDM Club have now been developed in more detail and reside in this Help Centre.

This includes information and steps to follow if you see any other member acting inappropriately against the rules and guidelines.

Read the articles about the rules and guidelines.

Click here to learn how to protect yourself inside the MDM Club


Your Profile: update now

It is now a requirement that all members complete the mandatory fields in their profile before posting content in the MDM Club.

Our intention is that this requirement will reduce the number of members who join for the wrong reasons and engage with other members inappropriately.

There is one new field in your profile, which is mandatory, related to relationships and dating. You are required to indicate if you are open to being contacted by other members about forming relationships and dating. Each member much check another member’s profile prior to contacting them about dating. Our intention is that this will reduce the number of unwanted approaches to other members.

Click here to learn how to update your profile


Your News Stream

You can now filter your news feed in two ways.

Click here to read about the options available to you and how to change the settings.


Follow other members

You can now follow other members as an alternative to sending a friend request. 

Read more.


Format your status updates and comments

There is now an easy way to add emphasis to your status updates and comments. You can add bold, italics, lists and more.

Click here to learn how to format your posts.


Delete your account

If you decide the MDM Club is not for you, there is now the facility for you to delete your account without the need to contact us.

Please note that this action will delete all your content and is not reversible. 

Click here to read how to delete your profile.