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Follow another member

An alternative to sending a friend request is to follow a person whose posts you enjoy.

When you follow, the other person does not need to accept. You will authomatically be following.

When you follow someone, their public posts will show up in your news feed whether that is set to show all community posts or just people and groups you are following.

Read more about filtering your news feed.


To follow another member:

  1. Click on Members at the top of your status box, or from the main menu.
  2. Search for the member
  3. Select Follow and the work will change to Following

Or, you can click through to their profile when you see one of their posts. There is a Follow button on the cover image. See images below.


Member tile in the list of members


Button on cover image in member profile

Your friends

When you become friends with another member you will be automatically following them as well. However, if you find they post about a lot of things you don't want to read or is not relevant to you, but you still want to stay friends, then you can unfollow them.

That means your Following news feed will no longer include their posts. You can check their feed on their profile at any time.