How do I create a group? | My Disability Matters

How do I create a group?

All members can create a group, if they choose.

For example, if you have a strong interest and passion for photography, you may create a group. Other members will see this group in the group listings and join up if they also have an interest in photography.

Or you might wish to create a group for a specific disability, or for people in your country or region with that disability.


To create a group:

  1. Go to the Groups page
  2. Click on the Create a Group button
  3. Complete the fields in the pop up box: name, description, category, privacy.
  4. Add a group profile image (see detailed instructions here)
  5. Add a group cover photo (see detailed instructions here)
  6. Post a status update to let people know about your new group

As the owner of the group, you can change any of the settings at any time.


Group Roles

Groups members can have one of four roles within the group.

  1. Owner
  2. Manager
  3. Moderator
  4. Member

For most groups that are created by members and remain relatively small, there probably won’t be a need to allocate the roles of Manager and Moderator.

There will be some groups that will require all admin roles and possibly more than one person allocated to each of the roles of Owner, Manager and Moderator. This will be suitable for groups that become very large and some groups run by business members who need to ensure that someone is inside the group every day.



  • Edit and delete posts and comments



  • Perform all tasks Moderator can do
  • Remove/ban users
  • Promote/demote Moderators
  • Accept/reject membership requests
  • Does NOT have access to the settings page
  • When user joins / requests to join, both Owners and Managers will be notified



  • Can perform all tasks Manager and Moderator can do
  • Only an Owner has access to change the groups settings
  • Assign additional Owners
  • Demote an Owner or Manager
  • When user joins / requests to join, both Owners and Managers will be notified