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Manage your notification settings


IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to the MDM Club in order to change your notification settings.

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Once you have started to interact with other members on the Club you will soon work out which activity you wish to receive notifications for and which you don’t.

To find your notifcation settings, follow these steps.

  1. Click on About in either the profile top drop-down menu or from the link at the top of the sidebar menu, just below your name. 
  2. Then click on the Notifications tab.



The image below shows the notifications settings, with all options ticked. To remove any notifications uncheck the notifications you do not wish to receive, either by email or on the site.

Also note that there are shortcut buttons at the top of the Notifications tab for you to disable or enable all onsite or email notifications with one click.

The groups you join are also listed here and you can manage your notification settings for all groups here.

Please note that if you turn off all the email notifications and then join a new group, by default you will receive notifications for that group. To turn off, you will need to turn off the emails for that group manually.




Email Digest

If you haven't visited the MDM Club in a while, we will send you a weekly email to show you the latest and most popular activity in the Club. You can elect to not receive this email by unchecking the box at the top of the notifications settings.


Any Problems?

If you have any problems turning off email notifications please reply to this email or use the support options on the MDM Club to get in touch for help. Please come to us for help, as if you make a spam complaint to your ISP or our email provider your account may be closed immediately.

We want you to know when things are happening in the MDM Club that might interest you, but emails are optional. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions above or ask us for help.