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Members' Blog

The MDM Club includes a Members’ Blog, which can be read by members as well as non-members.

Any member can write a blog post, which will be published. This is a great opportunity to start blogging. We will promote your posts through the MDM social media accounts.

To submit a blog post for publication, we suggest that you write it in a word processing program like Microsoft Word, and then follow these steps.

  1. Click on Blog Posts in your profile menu
  2. The blog page has a View tab, which shows your published posts, and a Create tab
  3. For a new post, click on the Create tab
  4. Add a Title
  5. Write or paste your content into the editing area
  6. Add images within the content if you like
  7. Add a featured image. This will show on the main blog page.
  8. Select a category
  9. To save and come back to later, click on the Save Draft button
  10. To submit for publication, click on the Publish Article button

Once you have submitted your blog post, MDM will check it for formatting and add additional categories and tags to ensure your post is found by readers.

Blog posts can be about whatever topic you like, with some link to disability. Generally posts should be at least 300 words and include at least one image.


Create Post

Note that this example is well below the minimum length required for a blog post.


Confirmation of blog post submission


Published post showing on your profile


Published post showing on the Members' Blog