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Notification settings for Groups

Being a member of a few groups is an ideal way to meet new people and to chat about things that interest you.

For each group you join you can decide how you wish to be notified of new activity in the group.

The options are:

  1. Follow: you will see posts from this group in all community feeds (i.e. on the Activity page)
  2. Be Notified: when enabled, you will be notified about new posts in the group (i.e. on the site)
  3. Receive emails: when enabled, you will receive emails about new posts in the group

By default, when you join a group notifications are turned on for all three options.


To turn any of the options off (or on again), follow these steps. 


  1. Visit the group page
  2. On the cover photo, click on the Follow & Be Notified button that is located in the bottom right of the cover image
  3. A box will appear showing the three options, with a check box next to each
  4. Untick a box to remove that notification type, or tick the box to add that notification type if you had previously removed it
  5. Your personal notification settings for this group will now update