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Protect yourself in the MDM Club

There are a few ways we protect you in the MDM Club. There are also some things you can do.


Profile information: mandatory information

Firstly, we have enabled a setting that will only allow members to post updates and take any actions in the MDM Club if they have taken the time to complete the mandatory fields in their member profile. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

The fields that must be completed are:

Click here to learn more about updating your profile information.

This means that if you see a post from someone and want to learn more about them, you can be confident that there will be some information in their profile. This also works in reverse when people want to learn more about you.

Usually when people join a site for the wrong reasons (e.g. scammers), they won’t take the time to do this, so we are hopeful that that behaviour will be minimised.


Profile information: optional settings

The profile field for your country is mandatory. However, there is a second field for location that is optional. This allows you to enter a city or region.

Do not, under any circumstances, enter an exact address in this field.


Account preferences

You can ensure you are only contacted by your friends in the MDM Club in two ways. There are two settings in your account preferences to help you.

Firstly, you can choose who can post on your profile. This is set to Site Members by default. You can change this to Friends Only.

Secondly, in the settings for messages and chat, there is an option to only allow messages from friends on the MDM Club. Checking that box will ensure that you do not receive chat requests and private messages from people you have not friended in the Club.

Click here to learn about updating your account preferences.


Your personal information

To protect yourself, we recommend that you do not post personal contact information in the MDM Club. This includes your email address, phone numbers or address.

We recommend using the chat/message features of the Club to communicate privately with your friends, rather than revealing other personal contact details.


Other options for managing interactions

You may on occasion have the need to remove a friend from your group of friends or to block another member.

Click here to see how to remove a friend

Click here to see how to block another member