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See what is happening in the Club

Activity Feed

The activity feed is where you will find everything that is happening in the Club.

You will be taken to the activity page when you login.

You can get to the activity through several links:

  1. The Home icon along the top of your profile, or status update box, will take you to the Activity page.
  2. The main menu includes a link to Activity
  3. The sidebar (if displayed on your device) links to activity under the Community links.

The activity page, shown below, has a status box at the top where you can post an update.


The activity feed can be displayed and filtered in two ways. When you click on the Community/Following button you will see a box with two options:

  1. Community: this will show you all posts from the Club members, which has been shared with all members.
  2. Following: this will show you all posts from your friends in the Club, members you follow and all posts that have been made inside the groups that you have joined.
  3. If you change your selection, click Apply to save it.



Select the Search tab at the top of the activity feed to search for words or phrases.


You can select to search for an exact phrase or any of the words you enter.



The MDM Club supports the use of hashtags. You can use them in the same way you do on other social networks.

For example, if you are writing an update about your assistance dog you might end the update with #assistancedog or #dog.

The sidebar of the site includes a listing of the most popular recent hashtags. Click on one of these to see all activity that includes that tag.

Any update you see with a hashtag will show the hashtog bold and in blue. This means it is clickable and will bring up all relevant posts.

Hashtags are also searchable by clicking on the hashtag (#) tab at the top of the activity stream.