What are groups and how do I join? | My Disability Matters

What are groups and how do I join?

Groups are places for members to meet, chat and ask questions about specific topics that interest them.

We have created groups for several countries, as there will always be issues that are only relevant to you and others in your country. People also like the opportunity to easily find other members who live in the same country.

We have created groups for a few interest areas, like Employment, Parenting, Children, Web Accessibility, General Disability Chat, and more.

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What groups am I in?

To see a listing of all groups that you are a member of, click on the Groups option in any of your personal profile menus.

When you join the MDM Club you are automatically added to the New Members Group and some other broad topic groups.


What is inside a group

The inside of a group is much like the general Club activity stream. Here you can update your status and like, comment and repost updates from other members of the group.

The group is a place to meet people with the same interests as you. You are likely to find new friends inside the groups you choose to join.


New Members Group

When you first join the MDM Club you will automatically become a member of the New Member Group.

We suggest that you pop into the group to introduce yourself and say hello to others who have recently joined.

You may choose to leave the group at some point, or remain a member and continue to welcome new members to the Club.

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How to Join a Group

Click on any of the links to Groups to be taken to the listing of Groups. By default, the listing will show you the groups within categories. You can click on the Groups tab to see all groups at once.



  • An Open Group is available for anyone to join. Click on the link to join and you will immediately become a member.
  • A Closed Group has an approval process for membership. Click on the link to request to join the group. Once approved you will receive a notification.
  • A Secret Group will not show in the groups listing unless you are a member of the group. Membership is by invitation only.